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 Membership Benefits 

Membership is only $35 a year for businesses and $10 for residents. Whether you're a business owner, a business manager, a property owner, a local organization, or a resident, SUPPORT THE DOWNTOWN GAHANNA COMMUNITY and stay educated and involved with your neighborhood. We've listed some of the benefits below, and encourage you to come to one of our monthly meetings to learn more.

Click here to download a 2018 Application.


  • Many members say the best part is the communication with others in the community. They value the membership meetings as "one stop shopping" to stay informed, and appreciate having a direct line of communication if they have any questions, feedback, or ideas. They can take advantage of upcoming events and opportunities when they are able to stay up to date on everything going on.
  • Other members appreciate having an organization who can advocate on their behalf. While many members are busy running their business, or working at their job, and can't make monthly meetings, the OGCP can carry their concerns, feedback, and ideas to decision makers and discussions.
  • Many businesses appreciate the tangible benefits of OGCP membership such as Social Media mentions, and the website listing at    
  • New businesses, or businesses looking to reach more of the Gahanna community appreciate the increased exposure by being listed on the website, networking with other Gahanna businesses, and by making those people who are active in the Gahanna community more aware of their business.
  • Collaboration among businesses owners is encouraged, and cross promotion of each others' businesses and services is a great way to reach potential customers. Businesses can mention upcoming events in their customer emails, coordinate on marketing campaigns, and work together to share each other's stories.
  • Still others members join primarily as a sign of support to the OGCP. They share in the enthusiasm of their community and the excitement for what the future can bring. Their support allows us to continue working on behalf of the Gahanna community.

The OGCP is committed to Communication, Collaboration, and Community. We are constantly working on behalf of the businesses organizations, and residents of Gahanna.

Communication: The OGCP is committed to keeping businesses, organizations, and residents INFORMED and ENGAGED in their community. We provide ways for you to receive information from others in the community, and ways for you to share your information with others. 

  • Directory Listing at for exposure to potential clients and customers. 
  • Monthly meetings with updates from City of Gahanna - Dept. of Development, Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Mayor's office, Gahanna Convention and Visitors' Bureau, Gahanna Chamber of Commerce, Event planners and organizers, Creekside Development Company, business owners, Gahanna non-profit organizations, and more.
  • Open meetings to present your business, event, fundraiser, or information. - Opportunities to share your views and concerns with like-minded peers.
  • Direct involvement in setting the direction for growth, development, and downtown issues.
  • Monthly e-newsletter - membership not required. Signup at
  • Social media updates for the community or your group at
  • Online contact form for community members to submit questions and have them answered, or directed to the appropriate people.
  • Coordination with other groups for business training, seminars, resources, and opportunities.

Collaboration: The OGCP assists in collaboration between and among businesses for special events, special services, coordinated marketing, and more. The OGCP is also represented at each of the following groups. As an OGCP member, you are encouraged to share feedback and join discussions so that the OGCP can best represent you.

  • Gahanna Convention and Visitors Bureau (GCVB) Board of Directors - engage in strategies to promote Gahanna as a vibrant destination to people outside of the Columbus area.
  • Hospitality Advisory Committee (HAC) - work with GCVB, hotels, restaurants, meeting facilities, and others to best serve visitors and overnight guests.
  • Community Marketing Team - work with City of Gahanna Public Information Manager, Mayor's Office, Development Department, Parks and Recreation, GCVB, Gahanna Chamber of Commerce, Gahanna Jefferson Schools, and others to coordinate promotional efforts.
  • Olde Gahanna Vision Plan - collaborating with City of Gahanna Development Department, Bird Houk Engineering, and other city stakeholders
  • Blue Ribbon Committee - planning of the Holiday Lights! Parade and Festival

Community: In addition to supporting our current downtown community, the OGCP knows that once people discover downtown Gahanna and the Creekside area they'll want to come back. We invite people to the area to discover all the businesses, highlights, and opportunities that they may not be aware of.  We promote all the events and opporuntities in the area for different groups, businesses, and organizations.  

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OGCP - downtown Gahanna merchants, residents, and organizations

Olde Gahanna Community Partnership
P.O. Box 307681
Gahanna, Ohio 43230
Phone: 614.342.4041
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