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Here are some helpful hints to parking in Olde Gahanna.

Discover the underground parking garage
The parking garage is part of the new Creekside development on Mill Street. It's under the "movie marquee" and even has an electronic counter to tell you how many spots are open.
The parking garage is FREE starting May 1, 2010.

Location: On Mill Street/62 within the new Creekside Development. It's at the intersection with Walnut Street.

Gahanna Parking Garage

Off street parking
There is some off-street parking in Olde Gahanna, but please be courteous of local business and residents; and pay attention to any posted signs.

There are some "15 min parking" spots available in front of the Creekside Development for those who are just 'popping in.'

There are also some "2 hour parking" spots along side streets.

Local businesses may have their own signs posted, so please use the information on this page if you need to find another parking location.

Free Public lots
There are several free public lots within Olde Gahanna.

At the intersection of Town & High Street
Turn from Mill Street/62 onto the one-way Town Street. In one block you'll see the public lot.
Turn from Granville Street onto High Street and in one block you'll see the public lot.

Behind Wendy's (Granville St.)
There is a public lot behind Wendy's on the south side of Granville St. You can "go up" from the lot and be at the main intersection of Mill Street/62 and Granville treet. Cross the street at the street light..
Or you can stroll along the lower boardwalk by the river that will take you to the new Creekside Development and other businesses.

Veterans Memorial Park
The best kept parking secret, all you have to do is walk across the bridge and you're in downtown Olde Gahanna. The trick is to turn onto Veterans' Memorial parkway and follow the road to the left until it ends in the public parking lot at Veterans Memorial Park.

Friendship Park
If you're not in a hurry, you can park at Friendship Park and enjoy a leisurely stroll past the grounds of the Gahanna Historical Society, along the boardwalk by the river, and in 5-10 minutes you'll be at the heart of Olde Gahanna and the new Creekside Development.

Golf Course off of Olde Ridenour Road
If you don't mind a 5 min. walk along the boardwalk, you can park at the Gahanna Golf Course and take the boardwalk as it winds through the woods and along the river. There aren't any lights along the path yet, so you may want to try it in daylight.

Off street parking
There is some free off-street parking in Olde Gahanna, but please be courteous of local business and residents; and pay attention to any posted signs.

Gahanna Parking - Boardwalk
The 'lower' boardwalk from behind Wendy's, or from Friendship park.

Gahanna Parking - Bridge from Veterans Park
The bridge to walk across from Veterans Memorial Park.

Gahanna Historical Society log house
Follow the path beside th log house to continue from Friendship Park to downtown Olde Gahanna.

Gahanna Parking - Gahanna golf course
Park at the Gahanna Golf Course and follow the boardwalk along the river to downtown Olde Gahanna and the Creekside Development.


Getting Here

From downtown Columbus (about 10 -15 minutes)
Take 670 east until it ends. Then you'll have 3 options of 270 North, 270 South, or 62/Gahanna. Take the 62/Gahanna exit and you'll quickly be in Olde Gahanna.

From the airport (about 8-10 minutes)
Follow the signs for I-670 E/ US-62E, then immediately merge onto US-62 E exit to Gahanna. In a few minutes you'll be in Olde Gahanna.  Turn left onto Mill Stree/ US-62 to get to the Creekside Development and the underground parking garage.

From 270
No matter what directions you're headed on 270, there's only one 62/Gahanna exit. When you take the exit you'll quickly be in downtown Olde Gahanna. Turn left on Mill Street/ US-62 to get to the Creekside Development.
If you're headed south on 270, it's the exit immediately after the Airpot exit.
If you're headed north on 270, it's the second Gahanna exit after the one for Hamilton Road.



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